Christmas Mass


The land is my Church

The stars my candle

Fir trees my incense

Moments my child.


Awaken and Harold

Such a holy sight

That silence resounds

And beauty abounds.


Wise woman gone,

From the Existence,

Led me here to listen.

Her grace blesses

Each step I take,

Each blessing I give,

Each moment I face.


Unto this world, let compassion

Be born bountiful and holy.

Innocence reigns

The cold wind erases

The sins of the past,

And memories dance by

In a flash.


Wise man gone,

From his journey to short,

Lessons learned,

Yet one too many.

His presence surrounds

And hope is conceived .



Sing praise to Nature

On this holy night

Each angel is remembered

For their light.

For L- & M-

‘Til we meet again, forever, and now. ..

12/24/01, DC, WI


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