Let these be the moment that sustain me


Let these be the moment that sustain me

The wind-burnt cheeks

The salty spray of sea on my lips

The aliveness in every cell being

Woken up by the frosty winds


Let me remember the rocks rise up to catch their breath

The sinking steel-gray sand

The skittish birds find safety

The thunderous waves that don’t care

Who they knock over in their wake


Let the blinding sun come with me

To the dark places I’ve yet to go

To the iciness that keeps my heart beating

Even when others would shock it

Into halting.


Let this all-encompassing experience be the vehicle

I go toward with my final breath

I race not toward an intangible Is-ness

That always is out of sight

But to this moment.



Let it be these waves that my exhale follows

Out to the sea

Out to the last moment

Of consciousness before

All that is becomes being.


January 16, 2012




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