They Came Back — Back to the Book

So in a post on New Year’s Day, I mentioned that I had done the Basic Exercise from Rosenberg’s book and woke up with no pain and had no migraine on New Year’s Day.  All true.  I had a migraine the next day and have been migraine-y since.  But the barometer has been fluctuating like crazy and it’s been below zero.  But I feel like another tool is down the drain.  But not really.  I’m going to go back to the book and see what the Migraine Massage is and perhaps try that.

I’ll post after I go back to the book and come up with a plan.

Until the next time,

Chronic Pain Metta

May you be pain-free if you can be.   May you not suffer if you do have pain.  If you are suffering, may you know you are not alone.  May you find a way to ease your suffering.  (I am going to post some books on the resource page for you to check out regarding suffering and chronic pain.)  May you find ways to have compassion for yourself and patience with those around you.  May you be free and safe.


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