He remains an enigma to my Soul,

breathing fire into my life

and spirit into my dreams,

while the anticipation of meeting

his glance overcomes my body and mind.


He breaks through the gray interior

of my life

with the radiance of the dawn.

with the precision of a laser.

with the gentleness of a first kiss.


He knows not what his effect is upon me.

I meet a clumsy smile and an awkward glance

with a sigh and a gasp as a blush is

cast over my body.


He has no knowledge of what stirs

behind these walls. . .

longing. . .

like a babe separated from his mother.

questioning. . .

a mind racing faster that the wit of Socrates.

doubting. . .

making Descartes look like an inquisitive school girl.


He was the reason that set my heart’s

wicked dissection in motion,

commencing with my first glimpse

of his form, the day when I looked

deeply into his eyes and my heart

fled to the sanctuary of its new keeper.


He has been, since that very day,

never alone,

for my thoughts drift behind him

like a specter hovering close to

the Earth keeping him off of

harms’ path as he makes his

way through each day.


11/9/93 for MES

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