Tea Party


If I had a wish

my wish would be 

to have a regal tea party. . . 


To dress in frilly dresses,

with silly little hats,

to be able to talk

to teddy bears

and soon take a long nap.

How wonderful it would be

to sit under a large tree

and drink a cup of tea.


We would find a magic land

where girls could be girls

and that would be so grand.

Where pony tails and braids

would be tied in ribbons

and where we could plant

seeds in the sand

and they would grow lemons.

Lollipops and lemonade,

Peanut butter and jelly.

Cookies, muffins, and cakes

with icing almost too 

sweet to stand.

What a wonderful world

this would be,

to have a friend near

and sit and sip tea.

To giggle and dream

and make wishes on stars

knowing when we finally 

grow up,

all our wishes would

come true!!!










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