Energy flows through

Enlivening my flesh.

Alignment caused by

A spark and a sound. . .

If this is true,

Then what could come

From a touch of your hand

Placed gently on the

small of my back

or over my heart?


Long restless nights

Keep me yearning for more. . .

Tell me, teach me,

I yearn to be what I can’t ignore.

Moments away seem

Colder and gray

Until my mind is ignited

Yet again by your wit.


Spirit, specter, you’ve

Invaded my world,

So quickly being even more

Than I could yearn for.

A low throaty laugh,

A telling moment of silence,

A challenge to search deeper

Than I thought I could explore.


A rhythm so profound

It causes my heart to lapse

Into harmony and peace

As each pulse of my blood

Keeps time in this

Grand revelation.


Light invades

Each corner that was darkened

For so long,

Until no secrets were left

And only spirit is left whole.


The sound of the bell

Sets my head spinning

Just thinking of the

Challenge about to begin.

Each cell expands

Fully into Grace as I inhale

And prepare a way from this place.


Enliven my senses,

Cleanse my being,

Make me believe

More than I’m seeing.

Question me, tease me,,

Let your light massage my mind

As my spirit becomes free

To merge into the One.


In Memory of MM



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