You turn over and over

in my mind,

This way,

That way,

Your psychic somersaults.


I look to the East,

I look to the South,

you are there and

I am trapped.

I look to the west,

I am cornered.

Afraid to look to the North. . .

I know you are already there.


I try to ease my mind

and I stumble through the forest.

With the rustling of every leaf,

I hear you whispering in my ear,

calling me, haunting me.


I plan my attack action.

Knowing what to say,

Knowing to wear my armor,

I forget you are ahead of me

Controlling my next move.


I make my resolution

Vow never to take this path

as I step from the speeding train

onto the very track

where I lay tied.


I grow desperate

No escape appears insight

I go round and round

on this merry-go-round

dizzy and sick with fear.


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