Untitled #2


God may strike me dead

but he has already called

most of my angels home.

Don’t you understand the anger

that thrives because you have

taken my life from me?


I feel a sharp pain in my chest

where my heart used to beat.

My head swells and aches

and cannot understand why,

all the whys.


I am trapped by unfairness,

surrounded in darkness

though the sun shines so brightly here.

I feel blinded by it.

Would I love to sit here and rock

myself with the blowing winds?

Would I like to scream out

over these white birds?

But that would not be expected and

that would not be right.


I turn the page and a dead boy

stares back at my tear-stained face.

I only knew hime for nine months

but if life occurs in nine months

can love not blossom and be fostered

in that same time?


Today even the semi-cool breeze that usually

lifts my soul from the earth,

makes me want to cower into

a rocking ball and hide.


Yet, though my world crumbles,

two birds flap their wings

and dive into the water.

A baptism in the icy water.

Maybe these winged friends

know my heart better than I?




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