The Message

I, the Empress,

Put forth decries so that

Others know how to

Behave in this

Society grasping with

Being so very unenlightened.


As I woke this morning

I sprang forth to start

The day,

Eager to rule wisely,



Despite how other rulers

May comport themselves

In these trying times.


I made my way to the window,

To get my first glimpse

Of this miraculous land

Before starting the day’s work

Of performing rites

And making sure

Justice prevailed.


As I pulled back the curtain,

Before I could even be struck by

The awe that the dawn brings with it,

I found that a messenger was

Upon my private balcony.


“What business do you have here Crone?”

I asked this majestic creature,

Sitting silent and sturdy,

Basking in the first rays of light.


There were no immediate words

From this being.

A pregnant pause

That seemed to last unending

Was broken with a twitch

Of her tail and prick of her ears.


The Wise hare

Whispered her message

Before scurrying off into

The brush and bushes.


Why would the Great Mother

Not call for me

Or deliver her communique

Directly I asked myself

As I slipped on my

Dark cloak.


I picked up my quill to leave

A message for those who might

Attempt to call me back

While I am situated on

My cushion to contemplate

The fate of this world.


“Let me be

Between the worlds

And do not break my fast.

The destiny of Being-kind

May well rest in the silence I seek”.


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