My Lover

As the candle danced

I looked into his eyes.

I saw warmth and caring there.

We never said a word,

We understood each other’s feelings.


It seemed like a scene

Rehearsed and blocked.

Every step, every touch

was right on cue.


I had never felt that way.

My heart shivered each time

he passed me.

Just to hear this name

Made me glow with delight

And everyone noticed the sparkle

he brought about in my eyes.


Could he see it in my expression?

Did he know how I felt?

I was afraid to speak.

I was afraid that he would

learn the truth.


And when I heard the rain

Upon the window sill,

I realized it had been a dream.

My lover was Imagination

Playing his cruel joke once again.


For BG

Lines Written before 1991



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