Should poetry be iambic pentameter?

Verse or prose?

Should each thought end in a couplet?

Does poetry need to rhyme?

Or flow with great ease?

Should it not be how one feels?

Could this not be true?


Some have written of friendships lost.

Others write of wars and death.

Poets of the past have written

Of great tragedy.

Shakespeare wrote of kinds and wood nymphs.

Wordsworth of his loved Lucy

And Frost of the snowy woods.

I write of the feelings that I cannot express.


Life’s struggle is an interior one

but it must be expressed.

Love, death, courage, fear, hope?

Which ever if felt?

Why do I only feel loneliness?


What is poetry then?

Style and words?

Grammar and syntax?

Joy and sorrow?

Collective or subjective?


Lines written before 1991



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