Little Things

The little things remind me of you

A song.

A tree.

The bridge where we walked and I cried.

A color.

A room.

All the sights of places we frequented together.


You ever think of me?

Do you ever wonder about the what ifs?

I do so very often,

More so than I would chose to admit.  Even to myself.


There are so many questions left unanswered.

And I guess, though, that I will always be plagued.

The way your smile and those green eyes plagued me.


I was day and you were night.

It seemed as though that’s how separate

our lives were; never to come together.


I wish I would have been more impulsive

Enough to meet you halfway in our clouded sky

but maybe it was not supposed to be that way.


Just a few words could have

made such a difference

but they were never spoken.


Would anything have been different?

I do know that you would have stirred my Soul

whether I had told you or not.


Sometimes I wish you had

not captivated my heart

and that I had never spoken those first words

But I was given so much.

Could I really have regrets?


I wanted to build a fortress

around you

and hide you from all the pain

that you felt inside.

But my fear of life and you

kept me from reaching out

the very way I wanted to.

I will never forget that mistake.


Instead of protecting you,

I locked myself away

in a tower on a hill

behind the walls

I fortified and all I wanted to hear was you call my name.


11 April 1991


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