Untitled #4

I sit in a quiet room

Thinking of what to write to you

There are so many things

That I would love to say to you but now I cannot.

The last time I saw you, you seemed hesitant to say

What was on my mind.

What was troubling you?

What would you not tell me?


I think of you so often the it has become a part of my every day.

Like waking up at Dawn, to meet the soft sunlight filtered into the room.

In fact, you are the first thing I think of as I awaken.

And the last thing I think of before I fall into the depths of sleep.


Last night I had such a strong urge to be near you.

I sat listening to the rain and dreamt of sitting by

Your side quietly talking and caressing your hand.

I dream of turning toward you after turning out the lights

And kissing your cheek as softly as the candlelight flooded the room.


Why do I feel so much for you

When everything and everyone would be so shocked if they knew?

Do I really feel this way?

Do you even know?

Could it just be my wanting to be loved?

But if this was the case,

Why are my dreams of you?


I guess all of my questions will

Never be answered

Especially when they are only

Asked by pen and paper.

I will continue to think of you and dream of being near.

Remember that these miles and our walls cannot hide you

From my world — at least not my dream world.



28 May 1991

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