Independence Day

I have started to feel the effects of “industrialized nations” that have as a main asset, not the person but computers and technology — swift and fold.  We are no longer knows as Jim or Janet but a nine digit number.  The hearts of office workers are as cold and sterile as the offices where they work.

What dis-ease!  Everyone is a cheap imitation of the next pseudo-fashion statement “dreamt” but stolen from “fashion magazines”.

Is it all really necessary?  People push buttons, write down numbers, make phone calls, but it all seems so meaningless.  Life would still go on without insurance, without sports, magazines, and without real estate.  But how?

People need water, food, shelter, and love.  Ahh, the one necessity we (almost all) cannot seem to find — no matter how long we travel, no matter what we learn.

Yes, the rest is nice, but what happens to people when things fall. . . stock markets, bankrupt companies, cities, or corrupt governments?

3 July 1991

completed 23 April 1994



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