Jump Start

I feel the pounding in my heart

The music is the pacemaker that

starts my heart pounding again. . .

A mystical experience in the midst

of a dark, smoky Crowded House?

How ridiculous!


I let the music take over my body

As the crows evaporates.

All I could hear was the music.

Feel the beat of the drum

My body sways back

My arms wrap around me.


The lights come on and

I am surrounded

by strangers.

Where is my friend,

the cool darkness of night?

Outside the door,

I breathe again,

And the heat speeds away

from my body.

Dissapating into the cold night air.


Alone and safe,

The music begins again.

I journey inward while

The music follows like a

faithful companion.

The night sky

streaked with clouds

Delights my senses

As the music stirs

through my existence

and ignites my Soul.


15 April 1994


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