We live our lives in relative solitude.

Our aims at communication are to

reach out beyond the bondage of aloneness,

to try to share our inner self with another.

We are driven toward finding this bond of

communication.  We can never really

absolutes — toward communication

or toward true shunning our total solitude.

The closest we can come to perfection

of this is in love and in trust.





To think that the things that

have kept me so isolated and

alone in my journey here

have brought us together,

makes no sense.

But does life or love have to

make sense?

Who ever said that it would?


I see you and I feel alive.

My eyes seek out the slightest

glimpse of your shadow.

When I do make contact,

I withdraw and forget to notice us.

How do you feel?

How clouded is my judgment?


I feel so connected.

And yet so distant?

I know so much and so little about you.

But they do not seem

like black and white differences.

they blind into a fuzzy, faded

rainbow-colored fog that blinds

me to reality.

You, alone, are now my reality.





Melody of My Soul


The world is silent except

for the music

that flows through my thoughts.

The music disturbs my being

but my dreams of you 

haunt me like no rhapsody

ever could.





My soul longs to be held

by gentle, cool hands.

Not hands that will hold it

down and crush its spirit.

Not hands that will punish it

and keep it from growing.

But, sensitive loving hands

that will be there.

Be there to hold me

when I cry and when

I pray for guidance.

Be there to cheer with me

when I laugh.

Hands that will guide

my soul close to you.