Messages from the Universe


Drawn on New Year’s Eve:

“Abundance, self-acceptance, manifestation,

Guardian Angel, Ideas & Inspiration, Truth & Integrity”

Signs on the road?

Lessons from the stars?

Messages from Heaven?

Randomly drawn?

Intuition shadowed

By frightening thoughts

To act or not could

End in great loss.

Resilient Spirit

Awakened Heart

Minutes til Midnight

Where inspiration starts

Seek out the lessons?

The journey then provided?



Awaken my heart.

Reflections at Dawn


A clean crisp dawn gently guided

me to awareness.

I stepped from my safe haven

to experience the day.

Inhaling, exhaling, I smiled. . .

to myself.

to the Dawn.

to the world.


Out in the distance, the most radiant

sites sprawled out before me.

The trees standing firm

where they were born,

rejoice in the hour,

ready to face what lay ahead.

How I envied these children

of the meadow.

How I wish I were thee.


Down the make-shift path,

I walked along peacefully.

Coming to a river bed

splashing down below.

I sat and closed my eyes

listening with an intensity

I have yet to feel since.


I closed my eyes and

took it all in. . .

the scents.

the breeze.

the sun across my cheek.

the sound of the stream.

the call of the birds.


I listen with my ears,

I hear Nature.

I listen with my eyes,

I hear Peace.

I listen with my heart,

I hear Nothing.


The sight of colorful leaves

gliding through the azure sky

brings me back to myself.

I begin to weep.

Surrounded by the beauty of Nature,

I  see despair and darkness

within our lives in the modern world.

I begin to cry out for help.


But who is there?

Who can help?

the trees?

the leaves?

the stream?


Along — I sit —

an individual

trying to make sense of the

illusions that we find ourselves in

and grasping to find my place

within the One.


1/31/92, revised 12/28/17




My soul longs to be held

by gentle, cool hands.

Not hands that will hold it

down and crush its spirit.

Not hands that will punish it

and keep it from growing.

But, sensitive loving hands

that will be there.

Be there to hold me

when I cry and when

I pray for guidance.

Be there to cheer with me

when I laugh.

Hands that will guide

my soul close to you.



What if there was a place where. . .


What if there was a place where

there were no judgments?

What if there was space for you to sit

in your own light?

What if there was a container for

you to be held until you

felt that you were whole?

What if we could hold the space

for you until you know at

the deepest levels that you

are that space and that empty?

What would the world look like

if we genuinely loved our aching hearts

and soaring spirits at once?

Who would we be if compassion was

our action, consciously was

our way of being?

Would you feel free to stay in this place

no matter what the weather?

Would you feel safe to breathe freely

and come in to your own body?

What if we set aside our tools,

our weapons, our shields and exclaim,

“I am becoming…”?

Who would we be if we smiled and sang

“I am unfolding Love?”


Let these be the moment that sustain me


Let these be the moment that sustain me

The wind-burnt cheeks

The salty spray of sea on my lips

The aliveness in every cell being

Woken up by the frosty winds


Let me remember the rocks rise up to catch their breath

The sinking steel-gray sand

The skittish birds find safety

The thunderous waves that don’t care

Who they knock over in their wake


Let the blinding sun come with me

To the dark places I’ve yet to go

To the iciness that keeps my heart beating

Even when others would shock it

Into halting.


Let this all-encompassing experience be the vehicle

I go toward with my final breath

I race not toward an intangible Is-ness

That always is out of sight

But to this moment.



Let it be these waves that my exhale follows

Out to the sea

Out to the last moment

Of consciousness before

All that is becomes being.


January 16, 2012




To Lead A Simple Life



A few flakes of snow

The roar of the winter wind

Toes beyond cold




Not like before,

Calms my Being.



Opening Forth

Birch Trees

White caps

Aqua water.


Winding road

Fountain pen

Warm tubs of water





Not bad

Not good

No judgment

No judge



Jeweled colors

Ribbons of purple

Gray skies

Merge into the lake.




Refreshes no-self

Cycling waves.


Truly alive

Compassion contemplated

Learning to die

With every breath .


Knarled trees

Our path,

Our journey

Together woven

Like the Celtic knot.







thThe waves to me are home

The cold, my chi.

The wind my prayers

Scattered to the Four Corners.


Quietly nestled

Calmness runs through my veins

And memories blanket me

Like last night’s snow.


Peace on Earth

At least under my feet.

Illusion, possibly

Loosen grasping

And Be.


The waves crash on the

Breaker so stunningly crisp,

Each drop of percussion

Born from the elements.


Winter finally

Yet so alive

Horizon and sense

Seem to melt away

Until all that is left Is breath.




Really Very Elementary











How powerful the elements

How clever they are

To make me feel so humble

So small, minute

Yet clears my mind to the Limitless Connection.


Woman, self, evaporates

Until Being is seen

As drops in the lake.

Connected as One,

What beauty abounds

When Harmony has a chance to thrive.


Scenes from Earth.

Beauty from Water

Songs from Wind

Comfort from Fire


Roads merge

Gulls’ bellies on ice

Tree fallen

Fire in heart


Woman, spirit born Again

New lessons

Old memories

Both converge.


Living, Dying

One and the same

Grief over grasping

Is attachment to blame?




Christmas Mass


The land is my Church

The stars my candle

Fir trees my incense

Moments my child.


Awaken and Harold

Such a holy sight

That silence resounds

And beauty abounds.


Wise woman gone,

From the Existence,

Led me here to listen.

Her grace blesses

Each step I take,

Each blessing I give,

Each moment I face.


Unto this world, let compassion

Be born bountiful and holy.

Innocence reigns

The cold wind erases

The sins of the past,

And memories dance by

In a flash.


Wise man gone,

From his journey to short,

Lessons learned,

Yet one too many.

His presence surrounds

And hope is conceived .



Sing praise to Nature

On this holy night

Each angel is remembered

For their light.

For L- & M-

‘Til we meet again, forever, and now. ..

12/24/01, DC, WI