Untitled #6

I think of you so often

It feels only normal.

But when the sun sets

Behind the horizon

My thoughts are bedeviled by you.

I think of you. . .

Seeing you again

Holding you close

Being with you.

I close my eyes and listen

I hear your voice

I long for that meeting that

Will never happen

Except when I slumber

Why am I haunted by your memory?

Do you really mean anything to me?

Or, more correctly,

What do I mean to you?

I think of you and

Dream of how much you miss me?

Then I worry if you really ever

Cared at all.

You have not proclaimed your feelings.

I begin to panic

Is this feeling only a monologue

In my mind?

I wish I had the answers that

Distress me so.

No clues are revealed

From behind the ancient

Walls that will never crumble.

I am waiting for eternity

Locked in

A circle of darkness.

Summer 1991